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Below is the order form for course materials. Please put in the quantities of the materials you would like for the different course parts as well as to where the items are to be shipped.

Part 1 Materials – includes binder, tabs, Part 1 Agenda, Part 1 Student Materials, Part 1 Evaluation,  RI Pubs 417 (Membership Development Resource Guide)  & 595 (Rotary Basics), and RLI-SD Brochure

Part 2 Materials – includes Part 2 Agenda, Part 2 Student Materials, Part 2 Evaluation, RI Pubs 245 (Club Leadership Plan), 254 (How to Propose a New Member) & 363 (ABCs of Rotary), RLI-SD Brochure

Part 3 Materials – includes Part 3 Agenda, Part 3 Student Materials, Part 3 Evaluation, RI Pub 742 (World Community Service Handbook), RLI-SD Brochure.

DLT Materials – includes binder, tabs, DLT course materials, all 3 Parts DL Materials, Name Badge Order Form, MOP, and all RI Publications from Parts 1,2,3

Graduate Materials – includes GM Agenda, GM Student Materials, RI Pubs 254 (How to Propose a New Member) and the Club Leadership Committee Manual.

Lanyards, Name Badge Inserts and Plastic Holders, Course Certificate Paper, and Graduate Pins should be in the possession of the District RLI Registrar, or if needed, are ordered from the RLI-SD Division Office (not the course materials order page).

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