RLI-SD History

RLI in Zone 34 began in D-6960 in January, 2004.  Help came from RLI in New Jersey.   Prime local supporters were DG classmates Jo Ann Beck 6980 and Keith Kurber 6950.  From that meager beginning, it grew to what it is today, thanks to many dedicated Rotarians.

RLI Sunshine Division was created I believe in 2006, thanks to Tim Schuler, without whom the Division’s future would have been questionable.  His leadership was priceless.  There were many others who dedicated time, treasure, and talent in those early days to make the division what it s today.

Jim Henry
RLI Sunshine Division Chair, 2006-2008

RLI Sunshine Division – Past Chairs
2014-2016 Randy Rawiszer Randy Rawiszer* rotarytailor@aol.com
2012-2014 Doug Maymon Doug Maymon* dougmaymon@gmail.com
2010-2012 Gary Israel Gary Israel*
2008-2010 Tim Schuler Tim Schuler* tcs@timschulerlaw.com
2006-2008 Jim Henry Jim Henry* jrhjr@jimhenrybooks.com