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Upcoming Sessions

1/17/2015 Florida 6890 Brandon
1/17/2015 Georgia 6920 Savannah
1/17/2015 Florida 6940 Panama City
1/24/2015 Georgia 6900 Thomasville
1/24/2015 Jamaica 7020 Kingston
1/25/2015 Jamaica 7020 Kingston
1/31/2015 Georgia 6910 Athens
1/31/2015 Florida 6940 Pensacola

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RLI Testimonials

"I learned more today in Part 2 than in all three years I've been a Rotarian."

"I've been in Rotary for 18 years and I never knew what it was all about! I am definitely coming back."

"The instructors were great, no lecturing at all, but we learned something in every class."

"I was a member of a Rotary Club for 11 years, but after completing RLI and learning the true essence of what Rotary is, I now consider myself a Rotarian."

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