New Graduate Class Available: The Rotary Foundation

Welcome to the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Sunshine Division

The RLI Sunshine Division is on the cutting edge for Rotary Education benefitting both new and experienced Rotarians. Conducting sessions in English, French and Spanish, the RLI Sunshine Division includes the eight Rotary districts from Florida (6890, 6930. 6940, 6950, 6960, 6970, 6980, 6990), three from Georgia (6900, 6910, 6920), Puerto Rico (7000), and the two Caribbean districts (7020, 7030) which represent more than twenty island nations.  The fourteen Rotary member districts represent all of R.I. Zone 34.  The RLI Sunshine Division is willing to discuss membership with any other Rotary district beyond Zone 34 that wishes to advance themselves by being a member of the Sunshine Division.

In 2014-15, the RLI Sunshine Division had 1,390 registrants for RLI courses held throughout the year.  All fourteen member districts hosted at least one RLI event; most hosted multiple events and one district hosted four events.  Our goal for 2015-16 is to exceed 1,500 registrations.

RLI LeadershipThe big news this year is the scheduling of RLI events by our newest member district, D-7030 (southern Caribbean and part of South America) and the first time RLI events are facilitated in French.  An RLI event will now be scheduled in Haiti because of this and Rotarians from other French speaking Caribbean islands now have the opportunity to attend RLI events.

This year we launch the highly anticipated RLI Graduate Course dedicated exclusively to The Rotary Foundation.  Most member districts will be offering this course at their RLI events.

Lastly and with great excitement, the RLI Sunshine Division is hosting an RLI event at sea.  The RLI Cruise will leave Fort Lauderdale on December 10, 2015 for four nights, stopping in Cozumel, Mexico, returning on December 14.  On the way to Cozumel and back, there will be two full RLI events at sea.  The Caribbean Partnership of R.I. Zones 33 & 34 will hold their Annual Celebration on the ship with us!  All the information you need is on this website.

This is a new website for us this year and we still have some minor flaws to discover and fix, so please be patient with us as we evolve and become fully functional.  We hope that everything you are looking for and answers to your questions can be found on this new site.  Thank you for your interest in RLI and for your participation in what we believe is one of the finest RLI Divisions in the world.

Randy Rawiszer PDG

RLI Sunshine Division Chairman 2014-16